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Do IT with Poland

Do IT with Poland

IT/ICT sector in Poland

- Over 10% of university graduates in the EU are Polish. Among them there are 40.000 of ICT specialist graduates each year.

- Polish IT professionals every year rank in the highest positions in international competitions for programmers and IT developers.

- Polish ICT sector creates about 4% of the Polish GDP which is constantly growing for the last 5 year.

- There are 50.000 ICT companies in Poland. The most of them are Polish and foreign system integrators, software developers where a lot of them are specializing in mobile applications, and ecommerce services.

- Top 5 video games come from Poland and a lot of mobile games as well. [The-Witcher-2-Assassins-of-Kings, The-Witcher-Enhanced-Edition, Bulletstorm, Dead-Island, Sniper-Ghost-Warrior, Sniper-Ghost-Warrior-2; mobile: Funky Smugglers, McPixel, Real Boxing, Patientia, Sleepwalker’s Journey, Neuroshima Hex, Webbies, Xelorians, Jelly Defense, Speedx 3D, Monster Shooter, Anomaly Warzone Earth.

- The world's largest ICT companies have their R&D center in Poland, employing 10.000 highly skilled specialists with good knowledge of technologies and English or German.

- In more than 360 of outsourcing centers in Poland there are 50.000 employees and 140.000 specifically in the IT services.

- Penetration of the mobile phone services has reached 135% penetration rate in 2012.

- Polish banks have the most modern systems and they are using already as well NFC and biometric ATMs.

- The card or mobile phone for contactless payments is used by 14 million Poles.

- Polish industrial company supplied infrared detectors used in one of the spectrometers of Mars Curiosity probe.

- Mark Tuszynski from Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA  is one of many Poles working in sensor and software development for the probe Curiosity.

- A record number of 36 companies from Poland was in the 13th edition of  "Deloitte Technology Fast 50" - ranking of the fastest growing companies in the technology innovation in Central Europe.

- More than 2350 servers Actina Solar from Polish company Action serve in CERN.

- In the ranking of the world's fastest supercomputers you can find four from Poland and the fastest of them Zeus is in University of Science and Technology in Krakow. [].

- WilkElektronik - Polish manufacturer of computer memory RAM modules is the only manufacturer in Europe, known under the brand name GOODRAM.

- The world's fastest microcontroller DQ80251 manufactured by polish company Digital Core Design is over 70% more efficient than its competitors in the class.


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